The Sentiero Roma

Let the legendary Gigiat, the goat that lives in these mountains, take you on the trail. Walk in a succession of passes and valleys, at an altitude of 2500 to 3000 m, through majestic scenery, in the presence of vertical peaks slender towards the blue of the sky.

This is the Sentiero Roma, one of the most famous trek of the Alps, a challenging ground for the strongest athletes of the Kima Trophy, a true legend of skyrunning. Walking along it you can surprise and excite yourself by experiencing unique moments of life that only the contact with unspoiled nature can reserve.

Historical notes

The Italian Alpine Club (CAI) of Milan, owner of most of Val Masino alpine refuges, thought, in 1928, to create an itinerary that would allow visitors of the Valley to move from one refuge to another without having to go down to the valley. Thus was born a high altitude road that put in contact with each other the Rifugio Gianetti, the Rifugio Allievi today Bonacossa, the Rifugio Ponti and later also the Rifugio Omio.

The Sentiero Roma has become, over the years, one of the classic high Italian routes capturing every summer a multitude of visitors who travel ecstatic by the beauty of the landscapes.

I numeri

Svolgendosi in ambiente d’alta montagna richiede un buon allenamento ed esperienza. I tratti cruciali corrispondono all’attraversamento dei passi sulle costiere rocciose che dividono le varie valli: mai banali, seppure attrezzati, essi sono spesso molto difficili in caso di cattivo tempo o di forte innevamento.


    In addition to clothes ans shoes suitable for high-altitude hikes, it is needed a harness, a helmet, a piece of rope and some carabiners to get fastened to fixed ropes, an ice-ax and a couple of crampons for each group.

    It is recommended to ask in advance for information about the snow conditions.

    Oltre all’abbigliamento e a calzature adatte alla quota, munirsi di imbragatura, cordino e alcuni moschettoni per assicurarsi alle corde fisse oltre ad una corda, una piccozza ed un paio di ramponi per comitiva e il casco.
    E’ consigliabile informarsi sulle condizioni di innevamento


    3036 m in 18 hours, divided into:

    Bagni Masino-Rif. Omio
    Difference in altitude 930 m, from 1170 to 2100 m
    Route time: 2 h e 30 min

    Rif. Omio-Rif.Gianetti
    elevation gain 550 m,  elevation loss 120 m
    Route time: 2 h e 30 min

    elevation gain 580 m, elevation loss 730 m (passing through Passo Camerozzo 2765 m, Passo Qualido 2647 m and Passo dell’Averta 2540 m)
    Route time: 5 h

    elevation gain 1150 m, elevation loss 976 m (passing through Passo Torrone and Cameraccio 2950 m, Bocchetta Roma 2898 m)
    Route time:8 h

    The a.m. route times are referred to moderately trained excursionists. These times may be subjected to variations (e.g. the time spent on the same trail – with departure and arrival in Filorera- by the winners of “Trofeo Kima” is less than 6 hours!) and depending on the residual snow.


Here a brief description of the itinerary from Rif. Omio to Rif. Ponti.
We suggest you to visit the website for more details.

  • You can reach Rifugio Omio (2100 mt) from Bagni Masino.
  • On the right of the alpine refuge there is a trail that cuts diagonally through the pastures towards Punta Milano and leads uphill to the Barbacan coast, over which you go down to Val Porcellizzo. The trail leads along a flat path to the Rifugio Gianetti (2534 m) at the foot of the Pizzo Badile (3308 m).

  • Continue in an easterly direction with a few ups and downs on plated surfaces, passing under the southern edge of Cengalo and then climbing up to Passo del Camerozzo (2765 m) which leads to Val del Ferro. The descent from Passo del Camerozzo is one of the most challenging sections of the route as, although equipped, it is very exposed. Crossing the entire Val del Ferro (Bivacco Molteni-Valsecchi just below the track) Passo Qualido and then Val Qualido, you reach Passo dell’Averta from which appears Val di Zocca and the Rifugio Bonacossa (2390 m).

  • From the refuge, follow the trail that runs in a semicircle under the walls of Punta Allievi, Rasica and Torrone until you reach Passo del Torrone (2550 m), at the base of the southern corner of Picco Luigi Amedeo. Descending along the canal, resume the climb towards Passo del Cameraccio, crossing one of the most beautiful and wild valleys of Masino, Val Torrone.

  • Leaving the detour to the right for the Bivacco Manzi, climb over snow to Passo Cameraccio (2950 m), which you earn by keeping to the rocks on the right. Descending down the opposite side, follow the signs along the amphitheatre of Val Cameraccio. Turn right to climb the steep ascent, first on snow then on rocks, which leads to Bocchetta Roma (2898 m).

  • We are now in the Valley of Preda Rossa and shortly descend to Rifugio Ponti (2559 m) and from it by easy trail to Preda Rossa and then Filorera.

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