Families and children

Val Masino is not only made of smooth walls for climbers or steep itineraries for adventurous trekkers. Already at low altitudes, the wild nature that characterizes the Masino, can be reached by everyone. The territory around the villages at the bottom of the valley, generally flat and with modest differences in altitude, is suitable for light walks and simple hiking both for the elderly and children. The routes that start and end from the villages, with modest differences in height, are recommended for those who want to approach the mountains by becoming spectators of a unique and fascinating nature. The routes wind their way through forests, rocks, streams and crystal-clear waterfalls, in the presence of the immense rock walls that have contained the secrets of the valley.

This is the Val Masino for everyone.


Val di Mello


Foresta dei bagni




Da Cataeggio a San Martino