Various information and promotional supports are available at the Infopoint, including themed brochures, tourist maps, hiking maps, touchscreen totems, event calendars and various publications on Masino valley, including technical guides for mountaineering and climbing routes. and bouldering.

In this section you browse and download our brochures. There are three and are divided by theme:

  • Easy walking

     ideal for light walks and simple hiking both for the elderly and children. This is the Val Masino for everyone!

  • Hands on granite

    ideal for rock lovers, whether it’s climbing or bouldering

  • Edge of heaven

    ideal for more experienced and trained walkers and for mountaineers, to discover the mountains and high-altitude refuges.

  • Path of the villages

    An interesting alternative that connects, with pleasant and easy routes, the 5 main villages of the Valley: San Martino – Bagni di Masino – Filorera – Cataeggio and Cornolo, revealing suggestive residential areas that maintain the charm of the past.