granitiche emozioni

“Only later, many mountains later, I discovered that this is the most beautiful granite in the world”
Walter Bonatti

Whether you are a family looking for a quiet holiday surrounded by nature, a young climber who wants to jump from one stone to another, an expert mountaineer ready to touch the sky higher and higher, Val Masino is the ideal place for your holidays.

In these pages you will find everything you need to organize your trip, and if you need further information, our tourist office is at your disposal to help you.

Easy hiking in Val Masino

Val Masino is not just for adventurous trekkers, the territory around the valleys, generally flat and with modest gradients, is suitable for light walks and simple hiking suitable for everyone. The paths wind through forests, rocks, streams, crystalline waterfalls, in the presence of the immense rock faces.

Hands on granite

This is the valley of the climbers, studded with an exceptional granite that represents a veritable paradise for rock climbing. An activity that blends into a natural environment of inestimable beauty, attracting thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world.

Edge of heaven

Who wants to challenge the vertical climbs has many choices, Val Masino offers peaks and climbing routes now entered in legends. So, on the granite colossi of Val Masino, you can experience the fundamental stages of the evolution of mountaineering in the presence of a still uncontaminated nature.